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Everybody on Tumblr talks about their obsession with Doctor Who, but have any of you SEEN Dark Shadows?? I must admit, I’ve recently acquired quite the addiction to that show…

Not the movie with Johnny Depp, but the old 1960’s TV show that movie was based on. My parents used to watch it when…

YES!!! I agree, it is cheesy and sometimes you will see the boom mic or a camera swing into shot. The actors forget their lines, and sometimes you can see them searching desperately for the teleprompter (Jonathan Frid did that a lot but it worked well for the character and looked like he was angst-ridden instead of trying to find his lines). A few times they call each other by their real names by mistake. Stagehands cough, stuff falls down and you can hear the sound in the background, and some of the special effects are hilarious instead of scary. If you can get past all that, the actors are quite good, the storylines are both insane and addictive,and the flubs only add to the fun. So watch it! 

Reblog if you're a Star Trek fan (any and all series and movies) and you're female.










I want to see how many of us there are :)

We’re around 6600 notes!

We’re up to 10000!

WOO~! Take that JJ and…

Does it count if I like it, but haven’t watched all of the episodes?

Of course it does :)

Just finished Star Trek the original series, and moving on to the next series! 

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